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Buffalo launches 7.5 litre induction fryer
Huge energy and cost savings are predicted with Buffalo’s new induction fryer, available from Nisbets.

Rather than using thermal conduction from a flame or electrical heating element, the new Buffalo Induction Fryer harnesses highly efficient magnetic induction technology to ensure quicker heat up and recovery times.

Perfect for operations that are looking for a stand-alone unit, or even those wanting a specialist unit to complement an existing range of fryers, the Buffalo Induction Fryer has a 7.5 litre capacity, whilst only requiring power from a standard 3-pin plug. It also features a drainage tap and has no exposed elements, making it easier to clean than conventional fryers.
Nisbets 0845 140 5555 www.nisbets.co.uk

Portion perfect

With portion control a hot topic in the industry and as the costs of raw materials increase, many friers recognise the threat to their margin, and specifically to their main core product, chips! In response to this, Drywite has developed a chip scoop in three sizes.

Available in small (6oz/170g) medium (8oz/226g) and large (10oz/284g), they feature a lip top and bottom to help prevent damage to the cooked product and to aid easy scooping from the hot box. Meanwhile, a lid ensures portions are even and additional chips aren’t piled on top after scooping too, while the handles have been pressure tested to ensure a long life.

Designed by Drywite, the scoops are made and finished in the UK.
Drywite 01384 569 556 www.drywite.co.uk

12-month, 0% interest leasing offer on Gram appliances
Equipment manufacturer Hoshizaki has launched a 12-month, interest free leasing and cashback offer, available on a range of Gram appliances.

Designed to help businesses spread the cost of investing in quality refrigeration and freezer units, the new 0% finance, leasing offer is available on the Superior Plus range as well as the Eco Plus, Twin cabinets and Gastronorm counter ranges. On top of the ability to spread the cost of the purchase, Hoshizaki is also offering up to a maximum of £150 cashback, depending on the model, paid directly back to the business.
Hoshizaki 01322 616 900 www.gram-commercial.com

Filtration on the go

Offering fish and chip vans a quick, easy and safe method of filtering used oil is Profry with its mobile unit.

Drawing oil from the pan, the unit quickly and efficiently removes carbon from the oil via two unique filters - one paper filter that picks out all the thick matter and a super pad that sieves out the very fine carbon. Returning the oil back to the pan, the unit not only ensures golden fish and chips every time, but it also prolongs the life of oil, generating a cost saving of up to 40%.
Profry 01778 342915 www.profryltd.uk

Ice to dice for

Said to be ideal for small sites is the Scotsman range of superdice machines, available in the UK through Hubbard Systems.

The smallest in the range is the Scotsman CU0415 Prodigy Dice Cuber, measuring 381mm(w) x 610mm(d) x 815mm(h). It is capable of producing 26kg of ice in just 24 hours, which can be stored in the 16kg capacity integral storage bin. The largest in the range is the CU3030, which produces 130kg per 24 hours and holds 50kg in the integral storage bin.

Both feature a corrosion-resistant exterior, a sliding door and an innovative evaporator design which ensures crystal clear ice.

Hubbard Systems 0800 616559 www.scotsman-ice.co.uk

Be a master of your menu

The Menumaster High Speed Combi Microwave from Nisbets can operate as both a convection oven and a microwave, allowing friers to prepare a wide variety of foods quickly and frequently.

Toasties, paninis, subs, pies, burgers and pizzas can all be cooked in less than three minutes in the 34 litre capacity oven. Cooking times and settings can be programmed for up to 100 different menu items at any one time which can then be automatically updated using a USB port.

With a stainless steel design, the Menumaster High Speed Combi Microwave is stackable for kitchens where space is limited, and also has removable filters with a handy cleaning reminder function.
Nisbets 0845 1405555 www.nisbets.co.uk

Twin table-top fryer adds capacity

Offering extra capacity and rapid heating is the new TF55 table-top twin tank, twin basket fryer from Valentine Equipment.

Featuring two five litre capacity tanks, pressed from single pieces of stainless steel with rounded corners and without welding, the TF55 is compact and will fit into the limited space that many chefs and operators have to function in.

Operating the fryer is simple with a single button while the chassis and tanks are easy to remove and clean.
Valentine Equipment 0118 957 1344 www.valentinefryers.com

Stackable refrigerated drawers maximise storage

With the new Chef’s Drawer from Williams friers can maximise their refrigerated storage. 

Available as either a fridge or a freezer, the Chef’s Drawer accepts 2/1GN pans, up to 150mm deep, and offers a capacity of up to 94 litres. What’s more, two drawers can be stacked on top of each other to double storage in the same footprint and allow a refrigerator/freezer combination. 

Featuring a stainless steel interior and exterior, the units can operate in ambient temperatures up to 43°C and use the eco-friendly refrigerant R290. Drawers and fittings are removable for easy cleaning - even the cassette refrigeration system is removable, making servicing and maintenance easy, without disturbing the kitchen operation. 
Both the fridge and freezer version measure 880mm wide by 850mm deep and 475mm high and are priced at £2,400 and £2,700 respectively.
Williams Refrigeration 01553 817 000 www.williams-refrigeration.co.uk

Fully automatic fryer gives the Perfect Fry

With the Perfect Fry deep fryer from Hopkins outlets can increase the volume of fried food they produce while minimising preparation time and staffing requirements.

Cooking just under 1.5kg of product per cycle, the unit features a Rapid Fry Mode which automatically starts cooking the next batch of food when the preceding batch is finished. Preset modes, meanwhile, take the guesswork out of deep frying by allowing the operator to pre-program up to nine different food items. Alternatively, friers can choose manual mode and enter the cook time to begin a cooking cycle. Fried food is dispensed and kept warm with a heat lamp until served.
Hopkins 0113 257 7934 www.hopkins.biz

In a spin over soft drinks
Offer customers something different to the usual soft drinks in bottles and cans with the Spin range of machines from Carpigiani.

Creating slush, sherbet and other cold drinks in minutes all with one piece of equipment, friers can change the offering to suit the demographic, location or even the season.

One, two or three hopper models are available each offering a capacity of 12 litres. All Spin units are fitted with an electronic thermostat and digital display to make it easy to monitor temperatures during preparation time, while a fast-freeze option is available with an enhanced refrigeration system that cuts down on product preparation time.
Carpigiani 01432 346 018 www.carpigiani.co.uk


Hopkins bought out of administration

Hopkins Catering Equipment, which went out of business in November, is being revived following the acquisition of its business and assets from administration

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